About Me

Hello and welcome to my store.

My name is Kirsti and I am a mumma to 3 beautiful children.

Heart of Lily's was created after the birth of my second child.
After the birth of my first baby Malakai, I really wanted to start something that would afford me the luxury of not returning to the workforce and also allow me to be creative but continue to care for my son at the time it wasn't to be. But i never gave up hope that one day i would work out exactly what i wanted to do. 

Then i fell pregnant with my second child Liliana. Once she was born it then clicked that i wanted to create bibs and matching bows. That is where the idea behind Heart of Lily's was formed. I began making bows and bibs in between everyday life and by October 9th 2018 I officially opened my website. I was excited but also never felt like i had fully achieved in what I wanted, like something about the business was missing. 

Not long after opening the business i fell pregnant with our third baby Willow and suffered from very bad morning sickness which had me bed ridden for quite a few weeks and also being so exhausted and very sore, unfortunately the business got pushed aside for almost 12 months. 

After learning a lot more about open ended play while pregnant with Willow we decided to replace majority of the kids toys with open ended toys and haven't looked back. Watching the kids play that's when i knew i wanted to expand the business line into stocking toys, wooden decor baby goods and plan on bringing in more.

I had decided that 2020 was the year to build up. I brought in the new range of products to sell and worked more on the social media side of things. I still have a long way to go but I feel much happier where I am now in the business then where I was when I first opened.