Kubi Dubi - Wooden Doll House - Majesty

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Girls and boys love having somewhere for their favourite toys to live and play and the Majesty Doll House is their perfect dream house!

The front is completely open to allow for easy access, while the windows and doorways are also the perfect size for little hands so it can be played with from any side.

Unlike other doll houses, this amazing house can also be easily taken apart. This unique addition allows children to practice their problem solving skills and also makes it much easier to store if you're short on space! You can also glue the pieces together if you want it permanently assembled.

Each house comes with 21 wooden pieces that are easy to assemble.

Measurements: L: 13CM W: 38CM H: 31CM (BOXED)

                             L: 24CM W: 44CM H: 47CM (ASSEMBLED)

Material: Linden Wood

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 3 years+. Not suitable for children 3 year and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth.