Nurturing Blossoms - As I Am Affirmations & Kindness Cards

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce the first product in our collection! The As I Am Affirmations & Kindness Cards!

Our AS I AM AFFIRMATIONS & KINDNESS CARDS collection contains 10 affirmations and 6 kindness prompts, each one is a bold and inspirational celebration of all children

These cards have been designed to explore diversity, empowerment and self-love from an early age! 

Our cards have been created with children in mind. We have focused on promoting diversity and ensuring that the images on each card are both relatable and exciting.

Ways to get the most out of the As I Am Affirmations & Kindness Prompts:

  • Say the affirmations with your little one. Say it first and encourage your child to repeat it! If your little one isn’t quite able to repeat the phrase, you can say it to them. 
  • Create a routine around the cards. Whether it be in the morning or in the afternoon - choose a time to select a card, repeat the statement and discuss what it might mean to your little one.

Questions to help discussion:

  • Discuss what is written on the card. Ask your little one to give an example of what is written there (I can do hard things because I…)
  • Can you think of a time you felt…(brave, strong, kind etc.)?
  • What could we do to encourage you to feel (brace, strong, kind etc.)? 
  • How does (this statement) make you feel?

  • When a Kindness Prompt is selected, facilitate a conversation about different ways that prompt could be utilised (hint: the pictures on each card should help!)
  • Use the cards as story starters! Focus on the images. Select an image and use the theme of that card (bravery, kindness, resilience etc.) to create a story. You could begin the story and ask your child to add in elements, you could create the story or you could have your child select the prompts and create the story themselves.
  • Our cards have been designed to be used by your little ones, so if they are old enough you could leave them in an accessible area for your child to explore on their own. 
  • Create play based experiences using the cards. You could carry out a kindness prompt together or create a small world/imaginative scenario to explore the concept and statements on the card.

The As I Am Affirmations & Kindness Cards are Australian designed and made. 

They are printed on rounded 350gsm card stock with a matte cello finish. This is perfect for little hands as it is safe, sealed and protected. 

Our cards are packaged lovingly in a calico bag, easy to store and for little hands to operate!